CMB-S4 Collaboration
The CMB-S4 collaboration structure has been officially defined in a set of collaboration bylaws, ratified on March 19, 2018. CMB-S4 is now an official collaboration with 157 Collaboration Members from institutions across the U.S. and the world.View / download bylaws

Collaboration Governance
As defined in the bylaws, the basic governance structure of the CMB-S4 Collaboration is as follows. A Governing Board provides oversight to an Executive Team led by two equal co-Spokespersons. A number of Councils, Committees and Working Groups carry out necessary work to enable the overall science objectives of the Collaboration. These councils include the Science Council, Technical Council, Membership Committee, and Publication and Speakers Committee. The chairs of these councils and committees are ex officio members of the Executive Team.

Collaboration Officials
Over the course of three weeks, starting on April 3, 2018, the inaugural round of CMB-S4 elections was held to determine CMB-S4 Co-Spokespeople; Science Council co-chairs; Membership Committee and Publication and Speakers Committee chairs; and Governing Board members was held. The Co-Spokespeople then appointed co-chairs of the Technical Council. The list of inaugural CMB-S4 Collaboration officials is as follows:

  • Co-Spokespeople: Julian Borrill and John Carlstrom

  • Science Council Co-Chairs: Gil Holder and Lloyd Knox

  • Technical Council Co-Chairs: Jeff McMahon and Abigail Vieregg

  • Membership Committee Chair: John Ruhl

  • Publication and Speakers Committee Chair: Kevin Huffenberger

  • Governing Board Members (in alphabetical order): Zeesh Ahmed, Nicholas Battaglia, Amy Bender, Bradford Benson, Lindsey Bleem, Fran├žois Bouchet, Abby Crites (postdoctoral representative), Tom Crawford, Mark Devlin, Brenna Flaugher, Nils Halverson (chair), William Jones, John Kovac, Akito Kusaka, Charles Lawrence, Adrian Lee, Michael Niemack, Suzanne Staggs (vice-chair), Aritoki Suzuki