CMB-S4 News, 2019
CMB-S4 Science Case, Reference Design and Project Plan posted
July 28, 2019
The "Decadal Survey Report"
The CMB-S4 Science Case, Reference Design and Project Plan was completed and posted on the archive ( At 287 pages and 82 figures, this document provides a extensive overview of the shovel-ready CMB-S4 project.Learn more >>

CMB-S4 APC White Paper Submitted to Decadal Survey on July 10, 2019
July 28, 2019
The 10 page CMB-S4 project white paper was submitted to the Decadal Survey on July 10, 2019 and posted on the archive. See more >>

CMB-S4 Achieves DOE Critical Design 0 on July 26, 2019
July 28, 2019
We are delighted to report that DOE approved CD-0 for CMB-S4. This is a very significant milestone for us, made possible by the enormous effort of the CMB community ever since CMB-S4 was first conceived back in 2013.

We look forward to advancing the science case and moving CMB-S4 forward on the path to DOE CD-1 and NSF PDR, anticipated in 2021.

Congratulations to CMB-S4 collaboration!

John, Julian and Jim

UCSD 2019: CMB-S4 Collaboration Workshop at U.C. San Diego October 17-19, 2019
July 28, 2019
UCSD 2019: CMB-S4 Collaboration Workshop.
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The next CMB-S4 Workshop will be held at UCSD October 17-19, 2019. The 2.5 day meeting will focus on continuing the advancement of the CMB-S4 science case, including discussion of recent developments and new innovative ideas, as well as on continuing the refinement of the instrument specifications, moving from the reference design to the baseline design.Learn more >>