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These forecasts are with

- \ell_{\rm min}^{T,B} = 30

f^{h\zeta\zeta}_{\rm NL} Local

For local NGs in BTT the noise and the beam matter, but the beam kicks in only after a while. Noise is more important.

DeltaFNL local paramConstraintsVaryNoiseBeam.png DeltaFNL local paramConstraintsVaryNoiseBeam1D.png

f^{h\zeta\zeta}_{\rm NL} Equilateral

For equilateral NGs in BTT the beam is irrelevant since all the signal is coming from modes \ell < 500 (in T). Noise dominates the error.

DeltaFNL equil paramConstraintsVaryNoiseBeam.png DeltaFNL equil paramConstraintsVaryNoiseBeam1D.png