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Parallel session P1-4: Forecasting - Delensing (chairs: C. Pryke and B. Sherwin)

  1. Simulation status and need for delensing implementation (Clem - 15m) File:20180306 delens sims.pdf
  2. First steps with quadratic estimator delensing (Blake - 5m) File:QuadDelens.pdf
  3. One delensing likelihood implementation (Kimmy Wu - 15m) File:20180306delensing.pdf
  4. Methods and challenges for high-fidelity phi reconstruction (Marius calling in - <~15m) File:MariusRecons.pdf
  5. Either discussion of interaction of foreground cleaning and delensing OR extra time for discussion if this ends up in another session (10m)

Notes from session (Tuesday, March 6, 08:45-09:45)