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Parallel Session T3: Sim WG: sky modeling, component separation and lensing reconstruction(Chair: Blake Sherwin) [Jefferson 256]

See draft schedule below. (post talks here)

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--- Part 1 (20 mins) - Sky Modeling and Component Separation (moderated by Raphael, though I can co-moderate the discussion if helpful)

- Update on recent work in sky modeling / component separation (~10 mins, Raphael) - Discussion: open questions and (in particular) what are the next steps? (~10 mins, Raphael) [note: Raphael, feel free to change this as you see fit, e.g., feel free to delegate part of the presentation to someone else if you would like.]

Part 2 (20 mins) - Lensing (moderated by Blake)

Short updates / talks about recent work with lots of discussion: - auto / delensing foreground bias estimation (5 mins slides + 3 mins discussion, Alex) - small scale frequency cleaning / optimization, one or two slides (2+2 mins, Colin H.) - simulating delensing pipelines / delensing templates (brief update 2+2 mins, Kyle) - Discussion: what should we work on next? (4 mins on future work, Blake) ---

Notes from session

Action items/Next steps

Summarize action items here