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Zoom link: https://lbnl.zoom.us/j/177357834
Zoom link: https://lbnl.zoom.us/j/177357834
* DAQ interface requirements (Newburgh)
* DAQ interface requirements (Newburgh) [https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1xlRpiVjAzDeNUislrhXy8eUoPZ0_pxigi0DCqgIW-bs/edit?usp=sharing Google Slides]
** Clock distribution
** Clock distribution
** Housekeeping live-look
** Housekeeping live-look

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Determine all DAQ/DM requirements at sites, write them down. E.g., local needs for data reduction/analysis to ensure performance feedback. Specify the interfaces to non-local resources.

ICDs (just outlines, can start filling in): S4-CH-ICD-003_Chile-DM, S4-CH-ICD-004_Chile-DAC


Zoom link: https://lbnl.zoom.us/j/177357834

  • DAQ interface requirements (Newburgh) Google Slides
    • Clock distribution
    • Housekeeping live-look
  • South Pole site plan (Ruhl)
  • Chile site plan (Arnold)
  • Site hardware (Crawford)
    • Where to draw the line with "Sites"?
  • On-site data reduction
    • Aggregation / transfer
    • Data quality
    • Transients