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How to connect to the telecon:
How to connect to the telecon:
[http://uberconference.com/cmbs4a | http://uberconference.com/cmbs4a]
[http://uberconference.com/cmbs4a | uberconference.com/cmbs4a]

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Coordinators: John Ruhl (ruhl@case.edu) and Neelima Sehgal (neelima.sehgal@stonybrook.edu)


(From the ICCC)

Three working groups (WGs) have been convened by the CMB-S4 Interim Collaboration Coordination Committee to produce draft collaboration bylaws. The three WGs are

  1. Governance WG
  2. Membership Policy WG
  3. Publications Policy and Interim Speakers’ Bureau WG

The CMB-S4 collaboration policies and guidelines are to be delivered in a mature enough state that they can be disseminated to the full collaboration for ratification at the March 2018 workshop. To meet this goal and to allow for coordination with the other collaboration WGs, the ICCC charges each WG to set a timeline for the work in preparation to meet the following milestones:

  • Dec 15: provide a template document of the policies they are charged to draft, in which the decisions to be made are highlighted and a set of possible options are given
  • Jan 31: provide a near-final draft of the document to be circulated with the other WGs
  • Feb 15: incorporate feedback from the other WGs into a final draft to be included in the complete CMB-S4 bylaws for distribution to the full collaboration.

The Membership Policy WG is to draft the CMB-S4 Membership policies. Specifically, the WG is charged to:

  • Define Members (classifications? including whether postdocs and graduate students are themselves members or associated with members)
  • Define procedure for evaluating new members (written application, sponsorship?, contributions or commitments of research time?)
  • Define roles for the Membership Committee (e.g., receiving applications, making recommendations, communicating policies)
  • Work with the Governance WG to define procedure for accepting new members and removing members, and for electing / appointing the Membership Committee
  • Define procedures for evaluating continued membership (e.g., yearly re-estimates of %research time? annual reports on work done? or perhaps occasional checks as needed?)
  • Propose a mechanism for revising membership policy in the bylaws.


Thursdays, 10am-11am eastern time. First telecon will be on 11/16/2017.

How to connect to the telecon: | uberconference.com/cmbs4a 1-866-578-4799 1-480-999-2448


Google doc for 11/16/2017: | Agenda and minutes for 11/16/2017

Google doc for 11/30/2017: | Agenda and minutes for 11/30/2017

Google doc for 12/7/2017: | Agenda and minutes for 12/7/2017

Google doc for 12/14/2017: | Agenda and minutes for 12/7/2017

Relevant documents

Link to draft overleaf: https://www.overleaf.com/12634268ppwrbfmqnsbv#/48168055/

Link to editable spreadsheet. Feel free to edit as you read the various membership policies: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N85oUKDDoWzzzgTiTCu8zsQkcwB3lOeRExBjADLuLBo/edit?usp=sharing

File:Membership Policies.pdf -- Steve Kuhlmann's Harvard workshop presentation on collaboration Membership policy.

File:LSSTDESC.pdf -- LSST DESC Membership Policy

File:LSSTC Amended ByLaws -August 8 2016.pdf -- LSSTC governance document.

File:Membership policy revised-Dec-2011.pdf -- DES Membership Policy

File:DESI.pdf -- DESI Membership Policy in a Nutshell

File:DESI-2.pdf -- DESI Membership Policy

File:SDSS-3.pdf -- SDSS-3 Membership Policy

File:MWA.pdf -- MWA Membership Policy

File:Icc-governance-v8.7.pdf -- IceCube governance document.

File:A xenon DM expt.pdf -- A xenon-based dark matter experiment (password protected)