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Please suggest names for CMB-S4.  
  1. CMB-S4 -- shortened form of Cosmic Microwave Background Stage IV
  2. CMB-4 -- minimal change to represent the 4th gen CMB experiment: just drop the S. (Worked for "" ...John K.)
  3. CMB-ICE -- CMB Inflationary Cosmology Experiment
  4. CINCO -- CMB Inflation and Neutrino Cosmology Observatory
  5. QUATRO -- QU And Temperature Relic Observatory
  6. ASPICE - Atacama South Pole Inflationary Cosmology Experiment
  7. SHeBa -- Southern Hemisphere Background Observatory (Tony Mroczkowski)
  8. The Experiment Formerly Known as CMB-S4
  9. CMB-HD ( for high def; Jesse Treu)
  10. ASPEC -- Atacama South Pole Experiment for Cosmology (Devlin)
  11. ASPECT -- Atacama South Pole Experimental Cosmology Telescope (Devlin)
  12. CASP -- Cosmology from Atacama and South Pole (Devlin)
  13. CMO -- Comprehensive Millimeter Observatory (McMahon)
  14. CMX -- Comprehensive Millimeterwave eXperiment (McMahon)
  15. CLUE -- CMB Large Unified Experiment (Limon)
  16. CUE -- CMB Unified Experiment (Limon)
  17. SPACE -- South Pole Atacama Cosmology Experiment (Teply)
  18. SPARC -- South Pole Atacama r Collaboration (Devlin)
  19. MUSIC -- Microwave Unified Survey for Inflation and Cosmology (Adrian)
  20. CM-BIG -- Cosmic Microwave Background Instrument from the Ground (Blake, Anze, Alex, Neelima)
  21. ACME -- Advanced Cosmic Microwave Experiment (Adrian). (note: there was a cmb telescope called ACME, I realized later...).
  22. COSMOS -- Combined Southern Microwave Observatories, or Cosmic Origins Microwave Observatory