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* CMB Lensing and forecasting
* CMB Lensing and forecasting
-Add updates with new noise levels
-Add updates with new noise levels

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Neutrino Mass Analysis Working Group Plan Through December 2018

Outline of Science Chapter

To be modeled off of the Science Book chapter, with updates and some new ingredients

  • Brief Intro
  • CMB Lensing and forecasting


-Add updates with new noise levels

-What can we say about CMB lensing vs RSD, weak lensing, Lyman-alpha, cluster abundance?

-Add discussion of systematics and why the measurement should be robust

-Expand on tau limitation. What you actually need to know about foregrounds and noise given the tau limits. Options for improving tau?

-Discuss model independence with cross-correlations

-Discuss influence of priors on conclusions about hierarchy, mass scale

  • Other CMB - S4 methods

Goals: Add cluster based forecasts, add cross-correlation based forecasts S4 constraints in context with lab experiments and neutrino model-building Goals: Get more input/involvement from neutrino phenomenologists and experimentalists Potentially add: updates regarding Miniboone results? Updates regarding stronger hints of Normal Hierarchy or delta? Detection scenarios: expand on Section 3.5 and Table 3-2 in Science Book Discussion of how Mnu constraints inform model building

Plan of action: To-do immediately: Contact potential CMB lensing forecasters / observational experts (Meyers, Green, van Engelen, Sehgal, Crawford, Yu, tau-experts?) and identify who will be responsible for forecasts Contact experts on clusters and non-lensing CMB methods (Battaglia?) Reach out to neutrino phenomenologists (Andre de Gouvea, Concha Gonzalez-Garcia. . .) and neutrino experimentalists for insight on new developments and more thoughts on the implications of an S4 detection in context of lab experiments To-do before September Meeting: Preliminary forecasts on neutrino mass for each key observable Have conclusions in hand OR identify specific outstanding issues for What we can say about CMB lensing vs other methods Tau limitation and prospects for improvement Impact of priors Summary of content for context with lab experiments / model-building for comments To-do by November: Draft of chapter available for circulation