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Neutrino Mass Analysis Working Group Plan Through December 2018

Outline of Science Chapter

To be modeled off of the Science Book chapter, with updates and some new ingredients

  • Brief Intro
  • CMB Lensing and forecasting


-Add updates with new noise levels

-What can we say about CMB lensing vs RSD, weak lensing, Lyman-alpha, cluster abundance?

-Add discussion of systematics and why the measurement should be robust

-Expand on tau limitation. What you actually need to know about foregrounds and noise given the tau limits. Options for improving tau?

-Discuss model independence with cross-correlations

-Discuss influence of priors on conclusions about hierarchy, mass scale

  • Other CMB - S4 methods


- Add cluster based forecasts, add cross-correlation based forecasts

  • S4 constraints in context with lab experiments and neutrino model-building


-Get more input/involvement from neutrino phenomenologists and experimentalists

-Potentially add: updates regarding Miniboone results? Updates regarding stronger hints of Normal Hierarchy or delta?

-Detection scenarios: expand on Section 3.5 and Table 3-2 in Science Book

-Discussion of how Mnu constraints inform model building

To-do before September Meeting:

-Preliminary forecasts on neutrino mass for each key observable

-Have conclusions in hand OR identify specific outstanding issues for

-What we can say about CMB lensing vs other methods

-Tau limitation and prospects for improvement

-Impact of priors

-Summary of content for context with lab experiments / model-building for comments

To-do by November:

-Draft of chapter available for circulation