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''Clarence Chang''
''Clarence Chang''
''Brenna Flauger''
''Brenna Flaugher''
''Eric Linder''
''Eric Linder''

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Speakers bureau talks list of approved and past talks, with slides.

Meetings of interest, conferences and other speaking opportunities

Procedure for giving a talk

We encourage members to give talks on behalf of the collaboration. The talks policy applies to all workshops, meetings, colloquia, public lectures, and seminars. The rules are governed by section 9.6 of the bylaws. The main requirements are:

  • The Speakers Bureau need not be informed of talks on other subjects that contain brief advertisements for CMB-S4.
  • For talks substantially about CMB-S4, the Speakers Bureau <sb@cmb-s4.org> should be informed, and the request will be recorded on the Speakers bureau talks list. In the approval process, the Speakers Bureau will balance competing requests and consider the match between topic and expertise, career status, seniority, and issues of fairness.
  • It is collegial to discuss to discuss prospective talks inside the working groups to keep people informed.
  • Members must send abstracts and titles to the Speakers Bureau to allow them to be posted at least three days prior to submission, or as soon as possible.
  • Slides must be sent to the Speakers Bureau to allow them to be posted at least one week before being presented and should include "for the CMB-S4 Collaboration" on the title slide.
  • While the Speakers Bureau approves talks, and conference proceedings must be approved by the Publication Board under the Publication policy.

Speakers Bureau Membership

Kevin Huffenberger (chair)

Clarence Chang

Brenna Flaugher

Eric Linder

Johanna Nagy

Contact: CMB-S4 Speakers Bureau <sb@cmb-s4.org>