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DM telecon notes
===Integration & Commissioning===   
===Integration & Commissioning===   

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The Technical Council consists of two co-chairs and two (or more) co-coordinators of each of seven working groups. The council co-chairs are Jeff McMahon (jeffmcm@umich.edu) and Abby Vieregg (avieregg@kicp.uchicago.edu). The main focus of our current effort is to converge on a reference design for the decadal survey, including writing the reference design chapter of the decadal survey report.

Anyone is welcome to get involved in the working groups listed below. You can sign up for the relevant mailing lists at: https://cmb-s4.org/mailman/listinfo .

Meetings of the working groups below are linked to the [CMB-S4 Google Calendar]

Sites & Infrastructure

co-chairs: Kam Arnold, Brad Benson


Large Telescopes

co-chairs: Mike Niemack, Steve Padin


Large Telescope Telecons

Small Telescopes

co-chairs: John Kovac, Chao-Lin Kuo, Aikito Kusaka


Detectors & Readout

co-chairs: Clarence Chang, Kent Irwin, Adrian Lee


[Detector and Readout, pre-CD0 R&D telecon ]

Data Acquisition & Control

co-chairs: Laura Newburgh, Nathan Whitehorn


Data Management

co-chairs: Tom Crawford, Matthew Hasselfield


DM telecon notes

Integration & Commissioning

co-chairs:Kam Arnold, Brad Benson


IC Telecons