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(Remote attendance)
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== Remote attendance ==
== Remote attendance ==
[https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/605467322 Zoom link]
== Notes ==
== Notes ==

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Abby 15’ R&D activity plan review, milestones, outstanding technical issues File:CryoOpticsOpening.pdf

Jeff 15' update on Michigan/Chicago testbed, update on silicon AR coatings (slides)

Joaquin 15’ update on UIUC AR coating File:Illinois cryo optics CMB-S4 UCSD Oct19.pdf

Joaquin (on behalf of Brad) 5’ update on Chicago testbed

Tomo 10’ Plans for laser techniques

Oliver 10’ Thermal Spray techniques File:19 10 18 CMBS4 AR.pdf File:20191018 SapphireARSlide.pdf

Marion 10’ Epoxy coatings plans File:20191018 CMBS4 Optics Dierickx.pdf

4' Discussion: path to CD1

Remote attendance