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#Sensitivity to neutrino mass
#Sensitivity to neutrino mass
*Figure from Steve Choi/Lyman Page:
*Figure from Lloyd Knox:

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Lensing autospectrum

Alex V. leading discussion, ~15 min

Alex's preliminary slides for discussion

  1. CMB lensing intro
  2. Sensitivity to neutrino mass and other parameters (w, $\Omega_k$)
  3. Foreground challenges
    • Extragalactic polarized sources
      • How big of an issue can they be? The CMBPol study 0811.3916 shows they give small biases under conservative assumptions, particularly if the resolution is high enough to find sources
      • They can also be projected out of the estimator (bias-hardening)
    • Galactic dust
      • Biases from nonzero connected four-point function at high-ell? e.g. 1207.0508
    • Instrumental systematics
      • gain variations, monopole leakagge, quadrupole leakage, pointing/beam offsets
  4. Impact of nonlinear growth of structure?
  5. How important are better optical depth measurements for m_\nu constraints from CMB lensing?
  6. Can we reconstruct large-scale lensing modes from a patchwork of small-area observations? Related issue: requirements on relative calibration across patches?
  1. Sensitivity to neutrino mass
  • Figure from Lloyd Knox:


Lensing by individual DM halos

Neelima leading discussion - ~10 min

  1. mass estimate forecasts
  2. instrument requirements
  3. systematic/foreground challenges

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