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11th CMB-S4 Workshop: Cosmology and Astrophysics in the Next Decade
Held remotely August 10-14, 2020
This, the 11th workshop in the series of twice yearly CMB-S4 workshops, will focus on the CMB-S4 science case in conjunction with other experiments and probes. A key goal of the workshop is to engage with the broad community that is addressing science topics similar to those being pursued with CMB-S4, but using different techniques. We will discuss how CMB-S4 measurements can be used to advance these science topics in unique and complementary ways, and work on exploring powerful joint analysis of CMB and other probes.
The workshop has dedicated sessions on the following science topics:
- Synergies of Large Scale Structure Surveys with CMB-S4
- Exploiting the mm-wave window on the Transient Universe
- Complementarity of Cosmological and Beamline Neutrino Experiments
- Shedding Light on the Dark Sector
- Dust and Magnetic fields in the Galaxy
- Illuminating the Circumgalactic Medium (CGM)
- Astrophysics with High-Redshift Galaxies and Clusters
- Observing Cosmic Dawn
- Millimeter Survey of the Outer Solar System

Please register (free) at the ''learn more'' link below or copy https://kicp-workshops.uchicago.edu/2020-CMB-S4/index.php into your browser.
Current status of CMB-S4CMB-S4: Next Generation CMB Experiment

The 'Stage-4' ground-based cosmic microwave background (CMB) experiment, CMB-S4, consisting of dedicated telescopes equipped with highly sensitive superconducting cameras operating at the South Pole, the high Chilean Atacama plateau, and possibly northern hemisphere sites, will provide a dramatic leap forward in our understanding of the fundamental nature of space and time and the evolution of the Universe. CMB-S4 will be designed to cross critical thresholds in testing inflation, determining the number and masses of the neutrinos, constraining possible new light relic particles, providing precise constraints on the nature of dark energy, and testing general relativity on large scales.