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SLAC-2017 Collaboration Workshop
February 27-March 1, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
SLAC-2017 continues a successful series of workshops bringing together the CMB community to plan a coordinated, stage-4 ground-based CMB experiment.

Themes of this workshop include a particular focus on
- Clusters and high-ell science
- Systems engineering and technical flowdown
- Discussion of the structure of a formal CMB-S4 scientific collaboration.
Current status of CMB-S4CMB-S4: Next Generation CMB Experiment

The 'Stage-4' ground-based cosmic microwave background (CMB) experiment, CMB-S4, consisting of dedicated telescopes equipped with highly sensitive superconducting cameras operating at the South Pole, the high Chilean Atacama plateau, and possibly northern hemisphere sites, will provide a dramatic leap forward in our understanding of the fundamental nature of space and time and the evolution of the Universe. CMB-S4 will be designed to cross critical thresholds in testing inflation, determining the number and masses of the neutrinos, constraining possible new light relic particles, providing precise constraints on the nature of dark energy, and testing general relativity on large scales.